Lionhearted 360°

Lionhearted is a 360° documentary and my Diploma project of the Filmacademy Baden-Würrtemberg.


Lionhearted 360 documentary VR

Project Information/ short Synopsis

Rida is 8 years old. The extroverted girl fled with her family from Pakistan to Europe. She is now living in Hotel City Plaza, a self-organised refugee shelter in Athens.

Rida is playful and witty. At the same time she seems mature and far older than her age. She tells us about her journey, the difficulties of her escape and her dark past overshadowed by the Taliban.

Despite everything she’s been through, we get to know a self confident, resourceful and imaginative personality with a lion’s heart. How much of her childhood innocence can she preserve? Can Athens become her new home?

360° Trailer with 3D audio

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